Cafe Dos Cimas is the Spanish expression for 'two hills'. This family operated farm is set at 1,600 metres on top of a mountain range in the Cordillera Central, northwest Colombia. 

Dos Cimas markets coffee directly to Australia. Every aspect that leads to a delicious cup is hand-picked, hand selected and wet-mill only the finest cherries from the farm. The beans are then fermented washed and air-dired.

They are then shipped and packaged directly in Sydney to bring out the best from the harvest.

Big Mamma's Pizza and Cafe is local owned and operated. This hidden gem transforms from Cafe by Day to Pizza by Night.

Whilst enjoying some of the finest coffee you will ever find you won't be able to go past some morish treats or stop in for some hand made breakfast or lunch.

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Saturday

from 7.30am